Can you tell if I am a cowboy?

If I were a Cowboy, would you find me?

Obviously if I arrived on horseback, using spurs and a huge Stetson hat, you’ll most likely spot me right away, you’ll think I was a bit dodgy, however what if I wore smart work wear, with a good printed logo design, and revealed you a business card, what if I looked “regular” even “legitimate”, would you still be able to tell?

So if you understand what to try to find in the first instance, you are less likely to end up being a victim.

Let’s begin, did I arrive unannounced or did you ask to see me?

You ought to ALWAYS watch out for people who reach your front door, attempting to OFFER you something, there and then. NEVER just accept what they state. ALWAYS purchase yourself a long time, take their details and state you will return to them. GREAT business will more than happy to return when it is much better for you.

As a cowboy, I want you to decide NOW because I need your work, NOW!

Have I told you the reality?

Ask concerns, never ever be afraid to ask questions, GREAT business would rather you ask numerous concerns and more than happy that you are deciding that will be right for you circumstance.

As a cowboy, I will inform you what you want to hear. I will state whatever I require to say, so that you provide me your money, your order, my pay day.

Did you see any Accreditations, certificates, outstanding logo designs?

Logo designs, badges and accreditations are dead simple to “cut and paste” from main website. Great companies will be proud to reveal you the up to date, existing certificate. They will have copies to leave for you; they will reveal you how to check that they are still present and what the advantages are to you because of their affiliation.

As a cowboy, I will have copied the logo design, however it might be old, and I don’t wish to offer you a certificate number in case you decide to check it and find it belongs to another business. Finest if I state I belong, flash a piece of paper under your nose and leave nothing with you, so you can not validate what I simply stated!

Did you inquire about other work I’ve performed in the area?

Excellent business will be delighted to discuss who else has actually had actually these products set up, they won’t breach any confidentiality however they will be happy to reveal you their work. They will show you pictures of roadways in your location, prior to and after images about how the property was improved, they may have hand composed testimonials, thank you letters from satisfied consumers. They might even recommend a number of previous consumers who would be willing to show you their new windows in their own home!

As a cowboy, I will reveal you photos, even great setups in your area and say that I did work that I didn’t do (you won’t understand and are not likely to ask the occupier). I will have some referrals, however I’ll avoid providing any real information, stating “under information protection you can not have any details”.

Did you sign an agreement?

Good business run within the law. Whilst word of mouth can constitute a contract, it’s far much better (for both sides) to have an agreement in writing. It will state what the sales individual has sold you, and what you are going to pay in return for those products etc. Do check out the details; you might have seen great deals of sample products, ones with unique locks or self-cleaning glass and so on. None of that matters, it is what the sales individual has written on the order that counts, that’s what you are ordering, that’s what you are signing to by.

As a cowboy, you will not need an agreement, I’ll provide you a bill at the end, here’s an invoice for the deposit from my book, but it won’t have any detail on it!

Were you told about the cooling down duration?

Since some people feel they were pushed into deciding or due to the fact that they have because learnt something they do not like, there is a law that states, if you sign an agreement in your home, you have an automatic right to cancel the contract, offering you do so in composing within 7 days (this might change to 14 days later on this year). Whilst no business want to lose your business, particularly as they believed you wanted their products, they will know about this cooling off period and accept the cancellation.

As a cowboy, there is no cooling off period, when I have your cash its gone, good luck with the contact number I left you, it’s a mobile number and I’ve proceeded!

Were you offered deposit or an Insurance Backed Guarantee?

Many companies find it tough to offer you windows and say “do you need an insurance coverage in case we go bust prior to we do the work!” Nobody wants to fret you unnecessarily especially if they know they are a good company, and it’s not most likely to happen. That said, these are tough times, many business have actually discovered the trading condition extremely hard so you would do well listening to the choices. IBG’s are elective. Some business GIVE a policy within the prices they charge, some OFFER a policy for a fee and some do not discuss IBG’s. Fensa require their members to OFFER them, DGCOS firmly insist EVERY agreement is offered with one, GGF members MUST safeguard deposits.

As a cowboy, I will not point out IBG’s, and reassure you that your deposit is safe with me, we’ve been going years, do not worry whatever is included whilst avoiding leaving any clear information.

Is it the most affordable rate?

Good companies will charge a “reasonable rate”, one that means they can pay their suppliers, their fitters, their sales people etc. and enough so they earn a profit so that they are still able to service claims under the terms of their guarantees.

As a cowboy, I’ll damage anybody else, if I can get away with charging you VAT that’s excellent (but I do not have any intent of paying it to the profits) or I’ll get the job done for CASH, real money, pay my fitters and providers but avoid any earnings tax, national insurance coverage, corporation tax or VAT.

Did you feel forced?

Great business will provide you a cost in composing, detailing what you get with their offer and enjoy for you to take your time to decide if theirs is the best solution. Some will provide their finest rate straight off and stick to what they have actually offered, others will try it on, and they will begin high and sell it to you if you state that’s ok, gradually minimizing their rates. Whilst this isn’t prohibited and doesn’t assist the image of the industry, due to the fact that you feel that the offer only uses if you sign NOW.

As a cowboy, I’ll offer to be lower than anybody else but you require to pay me a deposit (or all of it if I can get you to part with it all) before I leave you, even frog marching you to a money point so that you can pay me the money.

Start quickly?

Excellent business have existing order books, they have clients who purchased before you and fitting dates for the next couple of weeks some have fitting dates encountering a number of months! They will tell you the first fitting date they have and in some cases the fitters who they will use to do your work. Windows typically take 4 weeks to make, once the survey has actually been done so 6 to 8 weeks isn’t unreasonable.

As a cowboy, I most likely not offer a specific timeframe, or I’ll inform you I can fit them next week, if that gets me the order. I will not discuss the 7 days cooling down duration either due to the fact that I require to start instantly and I want to fit them before you cancel!

Did you take a look at the samples in the showroom or factory unit?

A respectable company needs to offer business cards with complete details, names, registered organisation addresses & contact numbers. You may get their business registration number, their VAT number or numbers of their accreditations etc. Good companies will be pleased to show you their factory unit or show space, but not every business has showrooms because they cost to keep them open. You’ll be welcomed to see different finishes, different materials, styles and styles to suit your home.

As a cowboy, I’ll may reveal you a sample however I’ll state I understand what you desire, simply leave it to me to fit. I may offer you a smart phone number but getting anything else is difficult.

Did you inspect?

Plainly even great companies want your business and don’t desire you to find a better, cheaper alternative contractor and lose your work. That said, good business will incline if you desire time to check the important things they have actually stated, they will help you and enjoy to describe things once again.

As a cowboy, I’ll reveal you a certificate, understanding it to be false, because I understand the majority of people accept what I say as the fact, they never examine if it is true or not, so I can make claims that make me seem like a proper company!

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