Picking the Right Colour Window Frames

There are now more alternatives than ever when it comes to windows and in particular, window colour.

So how do we choose the right window frame colour for our home?

Here’s some recommendations: try not to opt for whatever’s hot on Pinterest today, or what’s ‘in’– unless you’re definitely sure you’re going to like it years down the line, or have the ways to stay up to date with changing patterns.

Windows will be a fixture of your home that last several years, so merely selecting what’s stylish today is bad practice because if you change your mind, you’ll be stuck to your choice for a while.

Why Does Your Window Frame Colour Matter?
Windows are a vital function of any house or building, but what do various window frame colours accomplish, besides being a colour that you like? Think about the window as a whole and what effect you desire it to have.

Dark colours create a streamlined and smooth feel. Black window frames, for instance, will give the sensation that the window is blending into the frame, for a consistent smoothness.

Intense colours, like a white window frame, make the window stand out, generating colour contrasts and vibrancy to the facade.

Shiny window frames will emphasise the frame, providing it a deeper colour and a more unique appearance. A matt window frame, however, is much subtler– perfect if you don’t want to sidetrack from the rest of your home’s exterior.

Think about how you can contrast colours against the exterior to create truly striking windows. A dark window frame on a brilliant exterior creates that colour contrast, and offers it its own character (not to mention that brilliant houses with dark windows are always really striking).

These are all extra facets of design that can be accomplished through the colour of your window frame, and as with lots of homes, whatever is in the information.

Things to Think About When Choosing Window Frame Colours
Most people will select either black window frames, white window frames, or neutral grey windows. These are strong colours and they’re a winner. A minimum of one of those 3 will complement the colour of the facade and particularly works well if the facade colour is relatively subdued compared to the strong window frame colour.

If you do not want to play it safe, there’s plenty of other colour alternatives. Bright blue window frames set against a bright, white exterior provides you that nautical, dreamy beach house appearance. Or how about a deep red if you have a wood facade? This will combine well with nature and your garden.

Similar principles look for the interior colour of your window frame. Intense colours, like white aluminium windows, will include a softness to the window when observed from the inside, whilst coloured uPVC windows can be released in a variety of various methods so you can understand your vision for the house.

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